Deputies endorse AMLO reform to the electricity industry

By Martha Alicia Martínez Paredes. The Chamber of Deputies generally approved the reform to the Electricity Industry Law, proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, amid claims from the Opposition.

During the discussion of the preferential initiative, Dolores Padierna, deputy of Morena, affirmed that the reform is essential to lower electricity costs and stop the drain on public finances each year through subsidies, in order to regain full control of the electrical industry under the leadership of the State.

Meanwhile, Opposition legislators assured that the electricity reform initiative is a whim of the President and regretted that the majority fraction intends to approve it despite the fact that it implies a setback for the National Electric System.

Deputies endorsed the reform proposed by AMLO. Photo: Reformation.

Enrique Ochoa, deputy of the PRI, affirmed that the President’s initiative generates a « dispatch on a whim » that puts the most expensive and polluting energy in the middle of the system, so it will be dispatched before that of wind and solar farms with the that Mexico already has and others that it would have in the future.

He warned that no electrical system in the world puts fuel oil and diesel ahead of renewable and more environmentally friendly energies. The result, he warned, will be more expensive and polluting energy.

Ana Lucía Riojas, a non-party deputy, criticized that the majority deputies are willing to vote on the electricity reform just to ensure the re-election candidacy.

« Supporting the Paris agreement makes us neoliberal, because clean energy is a bourgeois fetish, so it is better to continue burning coal so that Senator Guadiana continues to enrich himself together with all the President’s friends and his cousin, or any other relative « , he asserted.

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