Leaders of the House of Representatives parties, such as the MDB and the PSL, suggested on Tuesday that the House stop discussing land title regularization through MP 910 and address the issue through a bill, to be analyzed in the next week.

Entrance to the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasilia 03/17/2020 REUTERS / Adriano Machado

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Despite the resistance of the opposition, and the agreement between deputies not to vote on matters without agreement or foreign to the issue of coping with the coronavirus crisis, the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) tried, early Tuesday evening Monday, vote on MP 910, on land regularization, in a move read as a nod to the centão, according to sources consulted by ..

But, given the difficulties in advancing the issue, he suggested a meeting of leaders for 9 am on Wednesday to try to get out of the issue.

Controversial, the MP was the object of intense debate this Tuesday afternoon. The measure’s opinion was changed to meet some of the demands of parliamentarians linked to the environmental area, such as the exemption from prior inspection for regularization for properties with up to 6 tax modules and the delimitation of the time frame for proving land occupations before 2008 .

“It is important to know why we made the decision for the six fiscal modules. First, we are ensuring that they have access to this modern technology, which is remote sensing. But what has been said there is not enough because people only read the provisional measure – it is not enough to make a declaration that he is the owner. He needs to present ten documents, ten items that we are conditioning in the provisional measure “, argued the rapporteur of the proposal in the plenary of the Chamber, Zé Silva (Solidariedade-MG).

The deputy recalls that the owner will need to present the regularized Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), a plant with technical responsibility. Nor can he have benefited from regularization or any other settlement, be a civil servant, have workers in conditions similar to slave labor or evidence of fraudulent fractioning, embargoes or environmental infraction.

The proposal to discuss the issue through a bill came from the leader of the MDB, Baleia Rossi (SP), and was supported shortly after by the leader of the PSL, Joice Hasselmann (SP).

The leader of the PP, Arthur Lira (AL), however, defended that the MP could be voted on this Tuesday. The measure expires on the 19th, if it is not voted by the House and the Senate.

If deputies decide on the bill, it would be voted on next Wednesday, according to Whale’s suggestion.

Maia said in plenary that he had the agreement of the President of the Senate, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), to guide the issue in the House, either through MP, or in the form of a project.

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