“Deportivo’s ‘single command’ debuts with an exciting victory”

Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, former president of Deportivo de La Coruña, has sent an opinion article to OKDIARIO in which the historical leader of Spanish football analyzes the situation of the A Coruña club, in full institutional crisis and results in Second Division B.

This is the full content of Lendoiro’s opinion article:

Things had reached such a point that we athletes were only concerned with winning, winning whatever it was, but winning. There were too many weeks, in this hell that is Second B, without winning, without playing well, without scoring a goal…. as for the recently arrived shareholder majority to withstand that media and social pressure generated by the bad results and not claim its second victim -the first, according to President Vidal, would have been the dismissal of Fernando Vàzquez- dismissing practically all of the Advice.

My request had fallen on deaf ears to grant them just a few days in February of tranquility – the time necessary to know the real classification, after the dispute of the suspended matches in their day – and then take, if necessary, the pertinent drastic decisions . In short, to have that serenity that is needed in the most difficult situations.

It was not so. The bomb announced days before exploded and only time will tell us if the decision was correct. I think not, although the change was seen to come from before, but what cannot be denied is that the sportsman “sole command” debuted with a victory over Guijuelo, which has served as a balm and has generated the renewed illusion of all that we owe ourselves to the colors of our club, that we think that we still have time to achieve the only objective of the season: to achieve one of the positions that give us the possibility of being promoted to the SmartBank League, the minimum category in which you must play sporting.

For this, it is necessary to win the four pending games, or at least three and pray, but I am convinced that it is something that can not only be asked, but must be required of a squad that is light years away from giving the level that for curriculum and cost correspond to them. There are already too many clichés and bombastic phrases from technicians and players, because it only remains to prove it on the pitch against teams that are far from the budget and the theoretical worth of our players.

Therein lies my hope of making a great final of the competition that makes the objective possible, because our classification is not due to bad luck, arbitrations … but, exclusively, to our poor performance, since I consider more than one of the teams that surpass us in the table.

And we are going to face this with a new Council by co-option, chaired by Antonio Couceiro, appointed exclusively by the majority shareholder, without going through the General Assembly, pretending to offer a deceptive bicephaly in the club, when the absolute leadership of the “ sole command ”.

A “unique command” without a doubt brave, because Juan Carlos Escotet, appears before the athletes with bare chest, after abandoning two shields as valuable as that of Fernando Vàzquez, charismatic coach of the club, and that of Fernando Vidal, president elected just one year ago in Assembly by thousands of shareholders. It’s trying the most difficult yet, trying to emulate the great Pinito del Oro with her triple somersault from the trapeze … and without a net.

The pace is dizzying. Almost without realizing it, we are witnessing the most profound change in the Sports Center in its 114-year history. In that time we have gone from making the club’s momentous decisions by the members, to being made since 1992 by 25,000 shareholders … to now end up deciding only the majority shareholder. That is why it is so important that you decide well.

The public demonstrations of Mr. Escotet make it clear that he assumes all power, supported by an executive council, which will execute his orders, and without, until now, any advice from experts in the sector, so fashionable in a “command unique ”worth its salt. That he gets the nomination right seems to me basic for the future of Deportivo.

In a previous article, he asked Abanca not to forget that the club’s “sentimental property” had resided in the blue and white fans since 1906 and reminded all shareholders to accept willingly that the decisions of the SAD would be taken, as would the legality allows, by Juan Carlos Escotet.

It is possible that we spend our entire lives arguing whether it was worth having bet on the economic tranquility for Deportivo that the Constantino Fernadez agreement with Abanca supposed – which served to cover the rush of signing an agreement impossible to fulfill with the Treasury- in exchange for losing the ownership of 25,000 minority shareholders that made up our unparalleled “popular capitalism”, which had already suffered a severe setback and had been seriously damaged after the interested capital increase in 2015.

But that no longer has a remedy. I would have liked to comment in person on these, and many other questions, with Juan Carlos Escotet – I am sure the talk would be very enriching for both of us – but for strange reasons, which one does not understand, that is not possible, so I wish him to him, and to the Council, the greatest successes, because their successes will be those of all athletes, beginning with a victory in Ferrol that opens the door to hope of ending the season by celebrating promotion to LaLiga professional, a category that we should never have lost. .

Augusto Cesar Lendoiro
Former President RCDeportivo.