The match between Deportivo de la Coruña and the Estremadura It has ended in trouble due to possible improper alignment of the Extremaduran team. For a few minutes Extremadura played with six players from the first team due to the injury of Airam Cabrera. It happened in the 68th minute of the game, when the striker had to leave the field of play to be attended by a blow to the shoulder.

When referee Arcediano Monescillo resumed the clash Extremadura only had six footballers with a first-team record on the field, until Airam again entered the field of play. So, the Extremadura team breached article 223.2 of the general regulation of the RFEF that says that they must have at least seven professionals in the field. It was for a short time but it violates the regulations and that gives Deportivo the possibility of filing a claim.

Extremadura sees its victory in Riazor in danger because article 223 is very clear in this regard. According to the same « Once the match has started, the teams must be made up, during the entire course of the match, of at least seven players, of those who make up the squad of the category in which they play. The fact that for any reason, including the expulsion of a footballer or the substitution due to injury, the team is made up of less than seven footballers referred to in the preceding paragraph, may be considered as an offense of improper alignment by the disciplinary body ».

In addition, article 223 adds that “in any case, the club improperly aligning a footballer for not meeting the regulatory requirements to participate in a match, he will be considered lost, declaring himself the winner with the result of three goals to zero, unless a higher score has been obtained, if the competition was for points, in which case it will be maintained ».

So that, Extremadura could lose all three points that they have cost him so much to get in Riazor. Although the box Extremadura is already mathematically lowered despite his victory at Riazor by 2-3.