Denver Nuggets take victory against Orlando Magic 119-109

04/05/2021 at 6:50 AM CEST

Denver nuggets took the victory at home against Orlando Magic by 119-109 on a new NBA day. Previously, Denver Nuggets players beat on the road against LA Clippers 94-101, so after this result they added a total of six wins in a row. For their part, the Orlando Magic lost away from home with Utah Jazz by 137-91, getting a total of three defeats in the last five games. At this time, Denver nuggets It has 31 victories in 49 games played, which would allow it access to Play-off positions, while Orlando Magic it would be left out of the Play-off positions with 17 games won out of 50 played. Check the NBA standings after the game.

During the first quarter, the Orlando Magic players were the main protagonists, in fact, they achieved a 13-2 run during the quarter and increased the difference to a maximum of nine points (20-29), ending with 23-29. After this, in the second quarter the visiting team managed to distance itself on the scoreboard, in fact, the team achieved another 11-0 run during the quarter and managed to score the maximum difference (18 points) at the end of the quarter, which concluded with a partial result of 24-36. After this, the players came to rest with a 47-65 in the light.

In the course of the third quarter, the local team cut distances in the electronic game until it ended with a partial result of 38-21 and 85-86 in total. Finally, during the last quarter it featured both teams, with movements on the scoreboard until it ended with a partial result of 34-23. After all this, the match concluded with a final score of 119-109 for the local team players.

In addition the players of Denver nuggets that stood out the most in the confrontation were Nikola Jokic and Michael porter, who had 17 points, 16 assists and nine rebounds and 20 points and 12 rebounds respectively. For its part, the visiting team stood out Chuma okeke and Wendell carter for his interventions during the game, with 19 points, five assists and seven rebounds and 16 points, four assists and nine rebounds respectively.

After achieving victory, the next clash of Denver nuggets will be against Detroit Pistons in it Ball Arena. For his part, in the next game, Orlando Magic will be measured with Washington wizards in it Amway center. Check the full NBA schedule.