Denver and The Professor surprise the Internet with their close relationship in real life | INSTAGRAM

The admiring users of the famous Spanish actors were most surprised by the close bond that unites them.

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It is no secret that after the huge success of the Spanish Netflix series, « La casa de papel », billions of people around the world became hooked on the incredible and talented cast, more because it was from the broadcast of the chapters that became so famous.

Thanks to this, these actors are now forced to deal with an impressive level of fame, which apparently did not take much time or effort to get used to, well, it shows that they really enjoy that fact.

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In this case we will base ourselves on the « private » lives of the incredible and beloved actors: Jaime López (Denver) and Álvaro Morte (THE Professor) who are one of the most recognized figures in the series, be it for their peculiar personalities, their iconic characters, and even their physical attractiveness.

These two charming and talented Spanish actors have captivated not only their loyal fans and fans, but also the media, who are attentive to every step they take.

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Recently, a beautiful gesture on the part of Álvaro showed how he gets along with his acting colleague in real life and the image caused a great impact, causing surprise in thousands, at such detail, because they let us see that it is a link that is going beyond the set and what has to do with another unknown talent from Lorente, who is also a writer.

It was through his official Instagram account, that who gives life to « The Professor » shared stories in which he showed that he was reading the poetry book « About your mouth », a manuscript written by a certain Lorente and with a message of « you can always go back to poetry ».

And as expected, Jaime Lorente responded by reposting the story with a message: « Friend, how beautiful you are », accompanied by seven hearts, something that showed that the love and respect that you have, goes beyond the set filming.