Denon DP-300 F, DP-400 and DP-450USB – Hi-Fi turntable

From the simplest model (DP-300 F) to the most sophisticated (DP-450USB), they invite you to enjoy the pure reproduction of vinyl, as well as digitize it.

Denon introduces three new turntable models: DP-300 F, DP-400, and DP-450USB. Belonging to the elegant Denon Design series, these three hi-fi turntables feature a sophisticated design of solid construction using highly resistant materials such as cast aluminum. But, in addition, they stand out for offering maximum fidelity in the reading of vinyl, as well as advanced technology for digitizing these (only the DP-450USB).

Denon DP-300F, timeless and intuitive to use

Specially designed for those users who demand an intuitive product and, at the same time, capable of offering good sound, this model is the simplest and most traditional in the range. A turntable that features a traditional manual-lift straight arm and a high-precision cast aluminum platter integrated into a design also made from this material. In addition, it is characterized by having an automatic start and stop system and another anti-vibration system, as well as belt drive. To all of the above, it adds its 33 1/3 and 45 rpm playback speed capability.

Denon DP-400 and DP-450USB, state-of-the-art technology

For their part, the DP-400, DP-450USB models are the most advanced in the range and have been developed thinking of users who want to enjoy their vinyl as usual while having more advanced features.


Thus, they are provided with a carefully designed S-shaped curved arm that optimizes the tracking angle at any point on the disc. In addition, this is characterized by automatically rising at the end of the disc, stopping playback, in order to keep the album and the capsule in perfect condition. Its design also contributes to the reduction of harmonic distortion, ensuring crystal clear sound at all times.

Both also feature a heavy, built-in auto-sensor pull platter, which controls the platter precisely and prevents unwanted speed variations during playback. Added to this is its compatibility with speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm, which considerably expands the possibilities of playing any type of vinyl.

Both stand out for having a removable dust cover, which does two things: enhance the overall aesthetics of the turntable and eliminate vibration problems associated with fixed covers, which affect sound quality. It can even act as a display for the vinyl covers: the user can place them vertically on their base and expose them next to the turntable to always have them at hand or in view.

DP-450 USB.

As a differentiating point, Denon DP-450USB is able to digitize vinyl and store them on a PC. For this, it has a D / A (digital / analog) converter, which is capable of transferring music directly to the storage system connected through the USB Type A port on the front panel. Simply connect the storage device, select compressed MP3 format or uncompressed CD-quality WAV recording, and play the recording. The recorded files can be played from the USB storage device on any system or equipment compatible with this connector and also on HEOS range of wireless speakers, and the recordings can be edited on the computer through the MusiCut software. This application can be downloaded for free from the Denon website and allows you to manipulate, organize and tag MP3 files with metadata to build the library.

Common features

These three turntables are equipped with an MM capsule that guarantees a more precise and detailed sound. To speak of Denon is to speak of trust, since it is responsible for the manufacture of one of the best-selling capsules on the market. If the user prefers an MC capsule, it is possible to easily replace the existing capsule with an MC and, in this way, adapt the sound to personal tastes, and always enjoying the emblematic sound quality of the firm. In the same way, they include a phono equalizer that facilitates its connection to any amplified equipment with AUX input.

They also share an intuitive installation and easy handling, which guarantees that they can be used in a matter of minutes, regardless of the level of technological knowledge that the user has. And it is that they only require connecting them to an amplifier or audio system, including those of the Denon Design series, to enjoy their entire collection of vinyl.

Finally, Denon DP-400, DP-450 USB are presented with measures of 41 centimeters wide, while the DP-300F model has dimensions of 43 centimeters wide, which allow them to integrate perfectly into any system of fidelity audio.

Denon DP-450USB: 599 euros
Denon DP-400: 499 euros
Denon DP-300F: 369 euros

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