The documentary ‘The Last Dance‘It has been a success in the NBA world since the first two episodes came to light almost three weeks ago. In it, Michael Jordan confesses his devotion to Scottie Pippen, whom he considers the best teammate he had in his entire career as an NBA player, and who without him could not have achieved everything he achieved both individually and collectively.

However, the release of the documentary has not improved Pippe’s image much less, at least for the moment. The player himself is disappointed by his role in him, to which are added several criticisms received about his person that Dennis Rodman, his former teammate and Jordan’s at the Chicago Bulls, has had to go out to defend him.

The criticism comes as Scottie Pippen believed that in his last year at the Bulls he was not being valued as he should be, and was charging a very low salary compared to his performance. Rodman’s words regarding these criticisms have been picked up by ESPN, and are as follows:

“Scottie was so underrated and underpaid in those days that it seemed incredible to see something like that. He should keep his head higher even than Michael Jordan in this documentary. He was a hero in every way for the Bulls, and people were is beginning to realize it now. “