The third episode of the series ‘The Last Dance’ was centered on the figure of Dennis Rodman and the fourth on Phil Jackson and the implantation of the offensive triangle devised by Tex Winter. In the first Chicago Bulls title Jackson finally manages to implant the game system to perfection and Jordan, Pippen and company destroy the Pistons and the Lakers to get their first ring.

In the last three titles (96-98) the Bulls have brought this system to its peak. All the players knew it perfectly and executed it with mastery. Perhaps the third most important player in that second triennium of victories for the United Center was Dennis Rodman, who in a facet that we did not know until now and that seems to be doing a thousand wonders, that of television commentator, carefully explains several plays in which he and his teammates perfectly execute the system.

Basically, as they perfectly explain on, “the main foundation of the triangle is based on an overload on the strong side from a low post from which to try to find open pass lines or end with your back to the rim “

Logically, it starts from a simple concept, but its execution is not easy. You need to be very smart on the track to develop it perfectly, and that’s what Jordan, Pippen and company managed to do during the six rings they got in eight years.

Here’s an explanation from a Dennis Rodman who deserves an analyst position on ESPN or any other network: