Denmark considers COVID-19 mutation in mink extinct and lifts restrictions

Sequencing of positive tests shows that no more cases of Cluster 5 have been found since September 15 in Denmark

The health authorities in Denmark gave this Thursday for “eradicated” the mutation from coronavirus found in minks, which could threaten the efficacy of future vaccines and lifted the latest regional restrictions decreed two weeks ago in the most affected area.

Sequencing of positive tests shows that no further cases of Cluster 5 since September 15, so the Serological Institute considers that this variant has become extinct with great probability, “the Danish Directorate General for Health said in a statement.

The Danish authorities had already eliminated on the 13th some of the restrictions decreed in seven municipalities in the north of Jutland and that in principle should be in force until December 3.

From today until Monday all cultural and sports institutions, restaurants, bars, schools and institutes will be reopened; Collective transportation will resume and the recommendation to the inhabitants of these localities not to travel to other parts of the country will no longer apply.

The Danish government announced on the 4th the measures and ordered the slaughter of the 15 million minks that are in the farms of Denmark, the world’s leading producer, after having detected five mutations of the virus that weaken the ability to create antibodies, including the so-called “Cluster 5”.

The measure has caused a political crisis in this Nordic country, when it was revealed that the government did not have legal coverage to order the compulsory sacrifice of all animals, only where contagion had been detected or in its immediate area.

Although the Social Democratic Executive reached an agreement at the beginning of the week with several center-left parties to promote legal reform, pressure from the opposition and allies yesterday forced the Minister of Agriculture and Food to resign, Mogens jensen.

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