Denisse Novoa confesses: What did she say about EXATLON?

Telemundo Denisse Novoa returns for the rematch to Exatlon USA.

After being expelled from the fifth season of Exatlon United States, one of its most emblematic participants in the entire history of the Denisse Novoa competition program, she waited a few days to show her face and speak to her hundreds of thousands of followers about the entire controversy that has surrounded her in recent weeks.

What did he say about EXATLON?

Novoa, with total frankness from the garden of his house, wanted to speak up front about his injuries and the difficulty of them, the bad streak of his last two weeks “I did not know what happened to me the last two weeks, but I gave everything” . She assured that she had become frustrated, but accepting that at the end of the day “it couldn’t be done”, and that she is already in the city of Miami, Florida.

Regarding the controversy of her expulsion from the competition, Denisse was clear in saying that she understands why people are watching her in the live session, indicating that the situation within Exatlon United States is very difficult. “Exatlon for me is not just a competition, it is finding a lost passion”, and indicated that after the long recovery process, he arrived at this fifth season with a clear idea, focused on fulfilling a dream, not joking.

Visibly nervous and moved Denisse stressed that contrary to what they say about her, she does not consider herself unpleasant but was always very focused and was emphatic in saying that she is someone very healthy and that she would never “put anything in her body that would compromise her health”, which would indicate that he is categorically denying the allegations that illicit substances had been found on him.

“It fell on me like a bucket of cold water”

Denisse assured that she never saw herself as an athlete expelled from the fifth season of Exatlon United States, that this situation fell “like a bucket of cold water” and left her surprised, but that, unfortunately due to contract situations, she did not can reveal many details of everything that really happened, but I wanted to make very clear her integrity as a person and as an athlete, that she would never jeopardize her stay in the competition for something like the fact of which she is accused, but she understands that everything goes through something.

Denisse also assured that she always saw herself with the trophy of winner of the fifth season of Exatlon United States, but she also indicated not being angry, rather she said that everything happens for something, that she had to return home and support her family who is going through a hard family moment that Denisse also did not reveal, in fact she was clear in saying that while she was in the competition, the production did not communicate what was happening outside.

The girl strongly asked not to judge by what they see on television because at the end of the day Exatlon United States is a television show and a healthy competition, which continues to be healthy, without rivalry where everyone is a family, but at the same time indicated that you had to take responsibility when the rules were not followed.

It is expected that in the next few days, the other expelled participant, Frank Beltre, will tell his version.

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