The circumstances that will surround the return of the ATP circuit they will, without a doubt, be extraordinary. There is already talk of a remote possibility that the end of the year will host certain tournaments, some of them behind closed doors, but normality seems that it will not return to tennis until the risk of contagion is practically an absolute minimum. The most plausible way to achieve this immunization to Covid-19 is through vaccination, but doubts about its side effects and how it can affect professional performance have led to Novak Djokovic In the spotlight.

It is curious that whoever endorsed him one of the hardest defeats of his career is practically the first tennis player to support his version. Denis Istomin He sat down to talk to Ubitennis about all the edges surrounding the racquet sport and supported the reluctant thoughts of a mandatory vaccination of the Serbian. “I agree with Novak. Let them accuse me too! There cannot be a compulsory vaccination: each person should decide if they want to be vaccinated or not. “

This line of thinking, a stance against the indications of the scientific community, caused the anger of many of the tennis fans and raised a rather interesting question for the near future: would they follow the indications to return to the circuit in a Are each and every tennis player safe? It seems that, at the moment, Djokovic and Istomin are the two players who would consider taking an alternative position.

But not only this has been the only topic that has covered the media pages with headlines. The other great point of interest throughout these two months without tennis has been the Relief Fund volunteer, organized by the number one in the world, whom you had as Thiem or Berrettini did not want to join. Istomin has also spoken about the positions of the Austrian and Italian: “I agree with them. The economic situation of each is different, and I think that each should contribute according to the resources available to them: nobody should feel obligated. Each of us should decide for himself who and how to help.

On the lack of professionalism that Thiem commented, I have not played Futures in a long time, but everyone has the right to give their opinion. It is clear that there are players who do not commit 100%, in the same way that there are many others who work very hard and do not have money to travel. Some of them cannot even take their coach, since the money of the Futures has not increased in the last 20 years. I cannot say that I completely agree or totally disagree with your statement. Both points of view make sense. The only thing I didn’t really like was that make public what he said; I should have discussed the issue with the players or the ATP before doing so. “

In addition, Istomin made public his opinion on the short and medium-term panorama of tennis: for him it will not be played this 2020. “I have spoken with some friends about the situation we are experiencing. If you ask me and other players, I think that there will be no tennis this 2020. I would like the Us Open and Roland Garros They could be disputed, but the chances of this happening are very low. “Having said that, the question that comes to mind is: when will the ATP circuit return? The term that the Uzbek launches is discouraging for the fans.

“I think the next two years They are going to be very tough for the ATP circuit. I hope we will return to normal soon, but we have to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Given that the pandemic is not yet over, the most important goal today is to stay healthy. “