Denial and guilt of Luis Miguel, Luis Rey He did not see his son!

Denial and guilt of Luis Miguel, Luis Rey He did not see his son! | Instagram

He was a very close friend of the family of the singer, Luis Miguel who reveals how it was that the so-called “Sun of Mexico“He faced this moment knowing that he would lose his father.

According to a series of statements, for Luis Miguel and his brothers the departure of their father was something very difficult to accept, although some versions have confirmed that the Puerto Rican was not with his father in his last moments as a sample “Luis Miguel: La Serie”.

The truth is that for the “divo de México” it was not easy to face the game since, according to the family doctor, two simultaneous losses would lead Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri to denial and guilt, derived from the great d0l0r that could have felt.

Octavio Foncerrada was a close friend and doctor of the artist as a child as well as his entire family, he was the one who told about the last moments of “King Luisito“and how his children took his departure.

There was a denial on the part of “Luismi” that his father was gr @ ve, we went to Paraguay, he spoke to Alex so you can see how your dad is doing, we agreed to travel, but they were both in denial. Hugo and he went elsewhere. I went to Argentina and there I had to receive it, it was very painful, said Foncerrada.

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“They were two losses that faced”

The doctor comments that in 1992, Luis Rey lost his life and Luis Miguel was not by his side in his last moments, however he would not have a good time, he used a number of “accusative pretexts” to deal with the news of that her father was in the throes of pneumonia.

These are life situations that while you are living them and you spend them as part of your daily life, now that I see it, it was in Argentina where the then manager of the “divo de México” asked him to help him break the news to the composer’s children Spanish.

Doc, I need you to come with me, we have to give your kids some news, then the total denial, accusative pretexts, and their father’s denial was serious, he points out.

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After the definitive absence of the former father and manager of the “music star”, he began a series of duels for his children that would end in guilt, according to the version given by Foncerrada to Ventaneando.

It should be remembered that Gallego Basteri and his brothers had lost their mother when they were still very young, “Luismi” being a teenager, in 1986 all trace of Marcela was lost, which would begin with a great unknown that would make a sad shadow in the life of the interpreter today almost 51 years old.

Then, six years later, in the midst of ruptures and estrangements between Luis Gallego Sánchez and his children, he finally left on December 9, 1992.

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In an ending and a farewell that would really only be reflected as one of the recreated scenes in the fiction of the series that portrays the life of Luis Miguel, Luis Rey would never see his children again.

It should be remembered that the relationship between father and son was fractured after the singer decided to abandon and become independent from the yoke that his father exercised on him and his career in music.

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It would be the Netflix plot that would show the great control that Luis Rey supposedly used to control a large part of the fortune of the so-called “Sol de México” reason that reveals the decision of Gallego Basteri to be represented by Hugo López.