Demon’s Souls remake was made with the blessing of FromSoftware

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Demon’s Souls arrived last week as one of the launch games for PlayStation 5. As you can imagine, the community is happy with this project as it is a faithful and visually stunning recreation, but do you have the blessing of FromSoftware? The answer is yes.

Recently, Digital Foundry had the opportunity to interview members of SIE Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games about the development of Demon’s Souls. There, various technical issues of the project and its development process were discussed, which resulted in an hour of interesting talk that is worth watching.

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That said, there was also time to touch on other issues and the developers were questioned as to whether FromSoftware approved the development of the project. Given this, Gavin Moore, creative director of the remake of Demon’s Souls confessed that they had the approval, although they did not have the participation of the creatives of the original launch.

“The original creators [de Demon’s Souls] They gave us their blessing, but none of them were involved with the development. All production was the responsibility of Worldwide Studios and Bluepoint Games, obviously being true to the original vision. But like I said, we had the blessing of the original team, “said Moore.

Bluepoint explains why there is no ray tracing in Demon’s Souls

As we told you a few weeks ago, Demon’s Souls is a game that does not have ray tracing. This despite the fact that it had originally been announced that it would be one of the visual characteristics that we would see in this remake.

In the discussion with Digital Foundry, Bluepoint reiterated that Demon’s Souls lacks ray tracing. He also made it clear that the PlayStation 5 is a console perfectly capable of using ray tracing.

If the problem wasn’t hardware, what was the barrier that prevented us from seeing ray tracing in Demon’s Souls? As explained, it was a problem of time and human resources. That is, if they had implemented ray tracing they would have to have left another visual advantage out.

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Demon’s Souls is available for PlayStation 5. You can learn more about this acclaimed remake by clicking here.