Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5 justifies the absence of ray tracing due to lack of personnel

Bluepoint Games did not have the resources to implement it in this project.

Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls Remake it’s here. Unfortunately, PlayStation 5 is waiting for a few more days, at least in Europe, but that does not mean that the ambitious project of Bluepoint games is already in the hands of numerous players around the world. A remake that has impressed by its graphic and technical finish, although, as we learned a month ago, the game does not have ray tracing effects, one of the great “novelties” of the new generation. And it is not for lack of power.

Digital Foundry has had the opportunity to interview members of Bluepoint Games as part of their video article on Demon’s Souls. A publication in which, according to WCCFTech, it is the absence of ray tracing in the game. Here the developers explain that Demon’s Souls Remake does not have ray tracing because, simply, they did not have enough workers to work on it during the project.

Image from Demon's Souls

Here Bluepoint comments that, having focused on implementing ray tracing in the game, they would have had to put aside other aspects of the game. In other words, there was no technical impediment to its implementation, but only a lack of resources to carry it out on time. In this, the study points out that Demon’s Souls Remake does not fully utilize the power of PS5, as is logical in a new generation launch game, and they make it clear that there is a lot of room for improvement and optimization for future titles.

We remind you that PS5 will be available in Europe, and in most countries, November 19, accompanied by this Demon’s Souls and a very varied catalog of launch games. If you want to know more details about the new generation of Sony, in this article we talk about our impressions of Astro’s PlayRoom with the DualSense, in this other we show you our analysis of Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5. And to finish, here you have the analysis of PlayStation 5.

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