Demon’s Souls Remake did appreciate having easy mode, but Bluepoint Games ruled it out in the end

“We decided it wasn’t our job to do that,” says the game’s creative director.

Demon's Souls

Easy mode in games, yes or no? This is a debate that has existed for a long time, and that was on everyone’s lips with the premiere of Sekiro a year ago. In fact, with the arrival of Demon’s Souls to stores as a launch game for PlayStation 5, the subject has also been discussed, since Bluepoint games has made it clear that his remake does not have an easy way. Well, it turns out that the study was not so clear about this decision during the development of the game, and they came to pose add an easy mode to the game.

Speaking to The Washington Post, the remake’s creative director, Gavin moore, states that the study valued implementing an easy mode to the game during its development. However, their mission has always been honor FromSoftware’s vision, and so they decided to dismiss it: “This project redoes the work of another development team. Even if we have made some changes, our main focus has always been preserve spirit and intention from the original creators. “

Image from Demon's Souls

“While We consider and we deliberate [añadir] an easy way, we decided in the end that it was not up to us – being mere custodians of this incredible game – to add something that would change the fundamentals of its balance, “says Gavin Moore. In the end, as you all know, the study has preserved the original experience, and the game hits stores with no alternate difficulty modes.

We remind you that PlayStation 5 is available today in Spain and in the rest of the countries, accompanied by this remake as a launch game. A remake that, by the way, has introduced a mysterious door in the game that nobody knows how to open, at least not yet. If you want to know more information about these products, here is our analysis of PlayStation 5, and of course, a complete analysis of Demon’s Souls Remake.

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