Demon’s Souls on PS5 has a mysterious door that was not in the original

Mysterious Door Demon's Souls Remake

This door has mobilized the entire community

The new generation of PS5 debuts with Spider-Man, Sackboy and Demon’s Souls Remake. The latter, a Bluepoint project that revives the work of From Software, is causing a sensation among the public for its ability to reimagine a work with more than a decade behind it, while improving certain aspects and maintaining other fundamental aspects. Among the new features that it includes, in addition to the juicy photo mode, there is something that nobody counted on. Demon’s Souls Remake has a new door that was not in the classic.

The mystery of the Demon’s Souls Remake door

The mystery has been unleashed on Reddit. There, a user with the nickname OrganizedBonfire has posted a video in which he shows how, in section 1-3 of the game, there is a fake wall that was not in the original game. As you cross this, you come to an unknown door that cannot be opened, and that gives the option to open with the appropriate object, or with the appropriate switch. Something that was not in the PS3 game, as other users affirm. Something that is already the talk of the community.

Does anyone know how to open this door in 1-3? from r / demonssouls

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At the time of writing this news, no one has found the secret to open the mysterious door of Demon’s Souls Remake. An addition introduced by Bluepoint, as the same study did with Shadow of the Colossus and its easter egg, but this time it goes a step further based on secrets and puzzles. Will someone be able to find the answer? For now, in Spain we are going to have to keep waiting for November 19 when PS5 hits stores. Does it have to do with the mysterious day 1 patch?

▪ Release date: 11/19/2021