Some classic games from the 16-bit era have returned in the current generation in the form of reboots or remasters of the originals, as has happened with Wild Guns, Super Putty Squad and now with Zombies ate my Neighbors, a game that combined action and Puzzles in aerial view under that classic horror film story of a massive attack of the undead to the most home environment, touching save everyone. The idea seems to have been taken up again with some small changes with Demons ate my Neighbors!, a aerial view twin stick shooter that puts us back in the typical American movie settings, with the same objective of ending a terrible plague that is devastating the city, will we be able to face it? This title is scheduled to land sometime in 2021, possibly for the month of September, so there is still time to wait, we will continue to await any new information that may arise in this regard.

1991: It seems like any other sweltering July in the quiet suburbs of Fairweather Valley … until a cursed VHS unleashes untold horrors on the neighborhood, turns residents evil, and generally makes young April and Joey’s summer a total annoyance. Our heroes must exorcise their neighbors from hell, fight their way back to the haunted high school, and rewind their summer to save the world in Demons ate my Neighbors!

Two live heads are better than dead ones. Team up in local co-op mode, then pump, refill, and attack everyone with your Splasha pistols, loaded with an endless supply of holy water. Pump beyond the limit with Overpump and unleash hydraulic holy hell. Switch and shoot nozzles to drench demons with different shots, effects, and Overblasts; then upgrade Splasha’s stats with Nitro Splashtanks found in the « suburbs of Fairweather. »

Get lost finding possessed citizens in procedurally generated levels? Not with the radical Radar Radio called RadWatch. Level up by killing monsters to increase your range and ability to find survivors. Depending on their choices, some citizens will go offline and transform into culminating combat challenges in which one of three options must be taken: CURSED, SURRENDER, or DEATH. You can be nice and back off by depleting their recharge energy with an arsenal of Holy Hi-Fi to rid them of evil, or blow them up with Lethal Lo-Fi weaponry to stay DAMNED.

Don’t worry about death – with endless timelines, another April and Joey are ready to take on the mission again! This time, break and loot the hood. Take down mailboxes, trash cans and more to find household weapons that exploit monster weaknesses. Freeze zombies, attack Zaplings and vaporize vampires with garlic pizza. Collect VHS Tokens from Boss Demons to unlock new permanent meta upgrades in the hideout.

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