Demian Maia asks Dana White that her last fight be against Nate Diaz or Donald Cerrone

Welterweight veteran Demian Maia wants one more fight in the UFC, and told UFC president Dana White that he wants Donald Cerrone or Nate Diaz.

Maia lost a unanimous decision to Belal Muhammad at UFC 263 And, after the event, White hinted that it could be the last time we see the Brazilian inside the Octagon. However, Maia, 43, has made it clear since the fight with Muhammad that she is still interested in fighting one more time., and he hopes the UFC will give him the opportunity.


Speaking to AG Fight, Maia confirmed that she wants one more fight, revealing that He texted White requesting they give him one more ride in the Octagon..

«I am interested (in continuing). I’d like to make one more fight, I had already said it before. I had a surprise with Nate Diaz’s challenge after his fight, it’s a fight that interests me a lot, the other would be against (Donald) Cerrone, who is also about to end his career. It depends on what the UFC wants, what Nate really wants. If Nate wants to, they do it, because he’s a guy who sells a lot. “

Ultimately, it’s up to Dana. After my fight I texted Dana talking about my desire to face Cerrone, also thanking everything that happened in the organization. (But) I still haven’t had an answer. This last fight on the contract was a huge anticlimax for me. (Muhammad) is very tough, a great athlete, but since he played defense, he wanted to shine more, show that he was prepared, evolve and that anticlimax stayed. A fight with Nate or Cerrone, we would go out to fight, no matter what happened, and we would kill that desire. »


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