Demi Rose shows off her figure, painted in a cute painting!

Demi Rose shows off her figure, painted in a cute painting! | Instagram

The famous british model Demi Rose shared a photo where she appears showing off several oil paintings, only one draws even more attention because one of the paintings is identical to her, it seems that the painter already knew her and it was a nice coincidence to find her.

Recently on her official Instagram account, the beautiful Instagram celebrity found in one of her most recent trips a place similar to a castle, where there were some paintings with beautiful landscapes as well as some animals and also several women in nature, including the flirtatious one. Demi Rose.

Between two beautiful women, the model and businesswoman appears squatting without wearing any garment, on a few occasions Demi Rose tends to share photos or videos without any garment, these types of publications tend to enchant their fans.

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In the image that appears in his stories, unfortunately, you cannot see the number of fans who reacted or saw the photos he published, however, it will not go unnoticed.

In this beautiful painting that perfectly represents her beautiful silhouette, we find a dark background, so her body stands out even more, especially because her charms in the open air are noticeable, something that many expected to finally see, a dream that have met at least in paint.


In his photos he always tends to show off his figure, nowadays in addition to Instagram and Twitter he also has an account on OnlyFans, where he surely publishes even more revealing content than on his other social networks, the best of all is that he decided to leave the subscription so this has no cost.

On some occasions she has been confused with another model of Russian origin, the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko “The Russian Kim Kardashian”, since they have some similar features as well as her tremendous figure, both are equally voluptuous, although to tell the truth the Russian model it is a little higher.

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Currently Demi Rose has more than 17 million followers on Instagram, daily accumulates a few new users, in OnlyFans you can not see the subscriptions she has, although it would not be a surprise that to date she already had millions of subscribers given that in addition to her account is free like Ana Cheri, they could both be the only celebrities to have this account free of subscription.

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