Demi Rose boasts a waist with a tiny neon bikini

Demi Rose enjoyed her recent luxury vacation at Maldives, and in social networks he has been in charge of remembering them since he returned to his home in London.

On this occasion, the 25-year-old celebrity took to Instagram to share a photograph taken on the shore of the Beach barely covered in a tiny neon outfit.

He highlighted his infarct curves and small waist with a bright green swimsuit composed of a triangle bra and thin straps, matching a bikini high cut over the hips.

She finished off her look with a pair of striking silver rings on both hands.

She showed off her beauty outlined with a black cat eye, wide lashes with mascara, nude lips and a light pink blush on her cheeks.

Her hair was showcased in waist-length extensions that were shown in wavy locks.

He posed on the shore of the crystalline sea, with the sunset in the background.

“Dreaming”, he wrote in the photo that immediately added more than half a million reactions from his most loyal followers.

He had already shown this outfit in a short video that he previously published also on Instagram, only he added fins on his feet and a diving mask.

In the clip, Demi Rose appeared practicing snorkel and enjoying the views of the marine life that surrounds the beaches of the Maldives, he even swam alongside a stingray.

“Remembering the most magical moments. Maldives ”, he put in the footer.

Although the curvy model seems to enjoy his luxurious life and travels the world, in a recent interview he said that he has been struggling with his mental health since losing his parents in late 2018 and 2019.

“I mean, it was really difficult, I’ve been going through stages where I feel worse and now I’m in a place where I feel so much better. It really takes time, ”the Brit said in a video call to Sky News.

Said he deals with the pain of losses and his emotional instability with the company of his closest friends, with yoga and work.

“I have a lot of amazing friends and I do meditation. I have a lot of faith, so I pray and practice sound healing. I love sound healing ”.

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