Demi Lovato shows her healing process on new album

In 2018, singer Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that almost ended her life, leaving her in the hospital for several weeks. His road to recovery has been long, and part of his testimony was captured in a documentary released on YouTube recently, which is accompanied by his new album entitled Dancing With The Devil … The Art of Starting Over, which he presented this weekend. .

In a statement, the singer stressed that it is a very personal album that gives her fans an idea of ​​what her life is like today. The video for the first single, Dancing with the devil, was directed by Michael D. Ratner, and recreates some of the events that he experienced during his incident, a fact that was quite cathartic for the singer.

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In this clip, which already exceeds seven million reproductions, Demi is observed singing from a stretcher, while reviewing how her approach with alcohol and drugs took place, until the moment she arrived at the hospital. From the clothes she wore, to the hair style she wore, were some of the details that were taken into account, since she wanted everything to look exactly like that day.

To present this work, the interpreter participated on Friday in the interactive series TikTok’s Headstream, where she spoke live with her fans. And for today at 8:00 p.m. he has scheduled a Live through Tik Tok to interpret some songs from the album.