Demi Lovato feels survivor guilt

Demi Lovato feels survivor guilt After her overdose in 2018, the singer expressed it in a recent interview with TMZ, when talking about the recent overdose of the rapper DMX.

The 50-year-old rapper DMX has been in a vegetative state in intensive care since last week after suffering an overdose and cardiac arrest. It was reported that this Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered at the hospital to say goodbye, his 15 children were among the visitors inside the intensive therapy unit.

Demi says in an interview with TMZ Live, that could be her.

“Every time I see someone overdose or die in the public eye I immediately think, ‘It could have been you if you hadn’t been putting in all this work in the last years of your life,'” Demi said in the TMZ Live interview, that comes out this Wednesday.

“There have been times when I’ve felt, like, I feel ‘survivor’s guilt.’ You wonder, ‘Why am I still here, why aren’t others? It is challenging. I have to realize that every day is a day that someone else does not have. “

“It makes me want to live the best life I can knowing that others didn’t get the chance.”

RIGHT! Yet she is “sober a la California” (aka she still uses marijuana and drinks alcohol) and recreated her overdose in her new video Dancing With The Devil.

Sorry, I know that everyone deals with their demons as best they can, but I’ll tell you what I think, it seems incredible to me that someone who lives in such a traumatic situation where they almost died and was abused, recreates it in a video for the whole world. see so lightly. It seems like a joke. Por favor. I wouldn’t want to relive, see or remember my traumatic experiences, ever, ever, not even in dreams, but, hey, that’s me. I see the comments of her fans calling her survivor, hero, brave for recreating that experience… Wow! And when will you be asked to recover, to really seek treatment and move on? His video did not seem shocking, nor moving, da cringe. That is not the way to educate or raise awareness about drug abuse.

Honestly, I think Demi needs urgent help, it seems that she is in the middle of a severe crisis, and she just wants attention, she lives talking about her overdose and how every day is a blessing but it is not seen that she is improving or receiving treatment. She seems proud of what happened but not of getting over it. In a few years she’ll come out and say that wasn’t her… it was Poot Lovato.

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