Demetrius Andrade shines and fades against Williams

Demetrius Andrade and Liam Williams wanted each other. They showed it in the weigh-in, in which sparks flew, and the Englishman entered the combat overexcited. Chen the middle WBO world champion entered the ring he did not hesitate to chase him. He couldn’t wait for the bell to ring, and while the referee reminded them of the latest rules, Williams insisted on wanting to warm up ‘Boo Boo’. He was wrong, Andrade had to send a message to qualify for the big fights and that aggressiveness suited him like a glove at the beginning, because he looked. It was superior, but in the final part he ended up looking at the clock. It was long. He retained his belt, but went to the cards (116-111, 118-109 and 118-109) against an opponent who should have had a more impressive performance.

In the first fifteen seconds of the fight it was already seen as it was going to be … at least what it seemed. Williams came out with everything in front and Andrade passed him and counterattacked him. With two crochets with his back hand (he is left-handed), the American caused the English to loosen his legs. The cold hands affected the candidate and the champion squeezed, but Williams resisted the first stake. In the second round, el English put a bit of common sense. It was not so crazy and suffered less from the start, but with 25 seconds left he went to the canvas. Andrade placed a straight left that sat him down. It wasn’t the most powerful, but precision was the key. There was little left and he recovered, but the script was written. Andrade was far superior and he proved it. Williams entered, with greater measure than at the beginning, but the champion took off the blows with ease, moved well and countered hard and precise. It was a matter of time … although Andrade allowed himself to complicate a bit.

The third and fourth rounds were muddled by Williams and he connected little, but it was more precise and one of the two could write down the English. In the fifth, the champion realized that he had to change what just happened and took the uppercuts for a walk. Those upward blows and also straight down again gave him absolute control. It lasted until the ninth round. Williams had a second wind and the American fell a bit down. English complicated him and everything he had shown, he did not teach. With a straight right hand, Williams hurt him. There were three rounds left and the fighting was getting interesting again. The contender had nothing to lose and after regaining confidence he again complicated the champion, who was not able to move and counter in the same way. The victory was not in danger, but the lawsuit was closed more than what Andrade’s team would have liked. He won broadly, he recovered … but the image was not as desired.

Now, Andrade, 33, looks at the big posters, wait. In the previous one he had said that he could go to supermedia, but after the lawsuit it seems discarded. “I’m undefeated, come get me“he snapped on the ring. Eddie Hearn, his promoter was much more direct.”Champions must fight champions. Yesterday it was announced that Jermall Charlo will fight Montiel, I don’t understand. They are two great American champions who should fight. No problem for DAZN, they could fight on Fox. Golovkin vs Murata is being negotiated by the end of the year, but we are still in April …“, he added. The ball remains in the roof of the other champions. Andrade loves them.