Demetrious Johnson explains why he supports YouTubers’ presence in boxing

Currently the world of boxing has the presence of the brothers of Jake Y Logan paul with great fights. The YouTubers They decided to dedicate themselves in the modality and opinions are divided by both the fans and the high-performance fighters.

Asked about it, the former flyweight champion of UFC, Demetrious Johnson, stated that they both train and dedicate themselves to their new challenge.


“People think that Jake Paul and Logan Paul just got off the couch after playing video games, but this is not the case. Those guys are training like full-time athletes. They train better than some of the professionals who have been in sport five or ten years ago ”, explained Johnson in an interview with MMA Junkie.

Besides that, Demetrious Johnson talked about the difference in pay between influencers and fighters from the MMA. He understands that they send a hint to UFC, but understand that building your brand is worth a lot to get dividends with your own image.

“I support YouTubers and TikTokers, the problem is that at the end of the day, what matters is making money. Those guys have a huge following and a lot of the athletes claim that Jake Paul and Logan Paul are making millions of dollars and we athletes have been in the sport for years and we will never see such a payout. The reality is that your brand is the one that sells, and I learned that when I was in an organization in America and it is proven to this day “, concluded the former champion of UFC.

Considered a legend in UFC, Demetrious Johnson changed the octagon for the ring of One Championship and had the chance to win the flyweight belt from his new home. But, he was knocked out by Adriano Morais and suffered the first knockout loss of his career.


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