“All lives matter.” This is the tweet posted by Grant Napear, the star announcer for the Sacramento Kings for the past 22 years. He was the man in charge of broadcasting the Californian team games and also had a show on the radio. This comment, in response to a tweet from DeMarcus Cousins, has ended his career.

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has sparked a wave of revolts in the United States crying out for justice, equality and an end to racism in a society with many educational and economic problems in the 21st century.

It is true that we are no longer in the age of Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, but racial hatred, especially towards economically and educationally weak communities, continues to exist. Thus, the murder of Floyd has caused a giant wave of solidarity throughout the world.

In this context, DeMarcus Cousins ​​wanted to send Grant Napear a tweet, an announcer with whom he coincided for several years in the Kings and who did numerous interviews with him. I wanted to press your opinion. He wanted to know what he thought about what is happening, so he asked for his opinion: “what do you think about BLM (Black Lives Matter – the lives of blacks matter-)”.

And Napear fell into the trap. A non-judgmental person would have replied that he agrees, that he supports the movement, that what happened to Floyd is regrettable. But no, Cousins ​​struck a racist toll on Napear, who could not help but answer the following:

“Hey! How are you? I thought you had forgotten me. I haven’t heard from you in years. ALL LIVES MATTER … EVERY ONE OF THEM!”

This decontextualized comment is not racist. But today in the United States it is. It is a type that is positioned right now outside the real problem. That drains the lump. That he does not want to recognize that his country has a serious problem. Hence they released it. His response, on the other hand, seems to have surprised no one.

Cousins ​​replied that it was the answer he was expecting and later two ex-Kings such as Chris Webber and Matt Barnes spoke, who were also not surprised by Napear’s response.