DeMar DeRozan landed on Saint Anthony in the summer of 2018 in exchange for Kawhi Leonard in a transfer with which the Spurs They intended to remain competitive, to continue in the playoffs, but it seems that the team has collapsed. Thus, DeRozan’s situation in the Spurs is as follows at the moment: He has a player option of $ 27.7 million next summer that seems ready to decline, since he intends to sign an extension of his contract. This renewal seems to be far from taking place and this is the spirit of the player according to Jabari Young, ESPN San Antonio specialist:

“Look, I don’t want to sweeten anything. DeMar DeRozan is not happy in San Antonio, ok? The attack is not running as he thinks it should be with a guy like him in the quintet and there are clearly problems. So now he has to decide whether to take that money and go back to the same situation that is not being satisfactory. I mean, it has not worked. They made the agreement, but it is finished. What I mean is that the experiment is not working. “

DeMar DeRozan is set to become a free agent this summer if he turns down his player option to stay in San Antonio.

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DeRozan’s problem right now is that he has two important shortcomings in his game that are going to make any team go crazy with him in the next market: he is not a specialist shooting triples with space and he is not a great defender.

We will see which team he ends up playing, although everything indicates that he will not play in San Antonio Spurs from next season.