Demand for the iPhone 12 exceeds that of the iPhone 11

Last October, Apple’s line of mobile phones was completely revamped. Some days ago the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max began to arriveBut the starting gun was the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. And even with a staggered launch, it looks like this generation will be a hit.

iPhone 12 Pro in different colorsThe fourth iPhone 12 Pro models and their colors

According to the latest reports shared by DigiTimes, providers are seeing tremendous growth in demand for the new phones. And the most interesting thing is that are outperforming the iPhone 11, which remains for sale as one of the most affordable options in the line.

These conclusions are drawn from component orders placed for the manufacture of the iPhone 12 from vendors such as Mitsumi and Alps. And, as if that were not enough, this growth is expected to continue in the remainder of 2020, to the point that some providers could break revenue records thanks to that.

Of course, this generation could have achieved exactly what the past did not: differentiate itself. If we look back, we will remember that It was difficult to find reasons to get an iPhone 11 above an XR. In this case, the jump to the iPhone 12 from the iPhone 11 is much more remarkable, something that will have greatly favored its sales.

apple iPhone 12 colorsThe colors of the iPhone 12

To all this, we have to add the pull of 5G. It is still a long way from reaching 4G coverage levels, but is a great advertising claim that neither Apple, nor the rest of the manufacturers, have missed. And thanks to that, the market could recover the ground lost in recent months next year.

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In the end, seen from the perspective of someone who bought a phone less than 12 months ago, the purchase may not be particularly attractive. But it really is a remarkable leap with news like 5G compatibility, or the arrival of OLED panels to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Perhaps they are not the leap that the iPhone X was, but it is still important and, above all, attractive.