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These days, there is talk of the possibility that Dele Alli, a new Tottenham star, comes to play under Zidane this season. Between the Reguilón operation, Bale who can go to the English team and the possible arrival of the international player to Real Madrid, a beautiful relationship is being forged between both clubs and the presidents

The Reguilón thing seems official, there are only some fringes to outline and we will see the news shortly in both communications. Bale’s thing is more difficult, they have to balance the player’s salary, which is high, and see what part each club pays. Let’s remember that it charges 17 million euros a year.

And now it’s time to talk about Dele Alli. It looks like he could enter the Gareth Bale operation in an exchange between the players. And this seems to be gaining strength because he has not traveled with the team to Bulgaria.

Real Madrid would incorporate a player with immense quality and would get rid of one who does not want to know anything about the white club. It looks like a great operation. In these days we will see if it takes place.