Delight Mia Khalifa with her huge charms They almost came off!

Delight Mia Khalifa with her huge charms They almost came off! (Instagram)

Delight Mia Khalifa with her huge charms They almost came off! | Instagram

Apparently it is common for actress Mia Khalifa always ends up showing her huge charms in their outfits, this because, as you will remember, the beautiful businesswoman and model tends to wear clothing of any style, especially the one that highlights her attributes.

Like any other celebrity the pretty Mia khalifa manages to capture the attention of all those Internet users who walk through his official Instagram account, always on the lookout for his publications, of which it seems that his stories have been the ones that have had the most reaction from his followers.

Although you cannot know the number of reactions you have, this is thanks to the fact that several media outlets rescued this content that is more than interesting, such as the one that is the protagonist of this note.

In this video the Instagram star appears wearing a Swimwear two-piece, however you cannot see the bottom piece because she is wearing a kind of sarong made of the same fabric as her top, which is barely holding up her huge and voluptuous charms, which came out a bit so much on the side upper as well as lower.


More than a video itself, it is a kind of boomerang that is a second micro video that repeats a scene that progresses and then returns to the same place, this was what happened with Mia Khalifa’s video, where by the way she wrote the word ” Whoops “, referring to the fact that the sarong she was wearing was flying a bit because of the wind she was doing.

Mia Khalifa was in the corner of a wall outside while doing her photoshoot, which was probably for her content on OnlyFans For a few months he has been promoting said content, in the image you can see one of his tattoos.

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The name of the actress, businesswoman, model and sports commentator continues to attract so much attention that she already has more than 23 million followers on her official Instagram.

Although there is no direct information about the photoshoot that the model was doing, it is likely that in a few days some images will appear alluding to said outfit, although lately she shares very little formal content on her social networks, related precisely to modeling. Apparently Mia Khalifa has focused more on her daily life than anyone else, putting aside business.

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It could be possible that the photoshoot that was taken was taken near the place where you are staying with your husband Robert Sandberg, although there is the possibility that it is your own home because for several publications we see some similar scenarios and also related to the desert climate.

It should be noted that being a celebrity, Mia Khalifa has the possibility of traveling constantly just as other personalities of the show or entertainment have done at the time and can even last several days, weeks or months in the same place enjoying where They are, for this reason, since they do not have information about the place where the former actress of adult films is currently, it is not known if it is indeed their own or rented house.

However, it seems that the location where the model is located does not interest her fans, as long as Mia Khalifa continues to share content constantly as she has been doing for a long time.