Delicate? Alejandra Guzmán, reveal their condition after surgery

Delicate?  Alejandra Guzmán, reveal their condition after surgery (Instagram)

Delicate? Alejandra Guzmán, reveal their condition after surgery | Instagram

The doctor of the singer Alejandra Guzmán provided in the middle of an interview recent details of her health after a complex surgery to which “Queen of Hearts“She had to be subjected in recent days” to remove the polymer remains that still harbor in her body, “he reported,

After a series of interventions, Alejandra Guzman She entered the operating room again to have the polymers that were introduced in a past aesthetic process removed that was about to claim the life of the “rocker”.

Until today, the one remembered for topics such as “La Plaga”, “Mala Hierba”, “Beware of the heart”, among many others, underwent surgery number 32 to remove the remains of polymers, and it was her doctor who reported which it is your current state of health.

“This is how Alejandra Guzmán’s recovery goes”

The evolution after the surgical intervention was due to the detachment of the small polymers, (which) send out small particles like bubbles or droplets, let’s call it an oily material, that is, oil, said the doctor of the artist of 53 years.

According to what he explained, “La Guzman“It carries some drains, they are small tubes connected to a negative suction that will absorb the seroma (accumulation of fluid) after surgery.

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After a while, it was removed and when you remove it, there is no way for that liquid to come out if it continues to form “it gradually accumulated and is what I am periodically draining from it.”

That is, it is aspirated, and that seroma is removed. 35 milliliters were drained, then 24 were withdrawn, then 20, then 16 and just two days ago I eliminated approximately 6 milliliters, he explained in an interview with Ventaneando.

Not out of the woods

Despite all the procedures that Gabriela Alejandra Guzmán Pinal has had to undergo, the reality is that Alejandra Guzmán is still in danger of her health, the substance that has been withdrawn is still found in many areas of her body.

If this is reactivated, it could aggravate your health at any time, as indicated by the clinical diagnoses, and it is that remains of this dangerous element are present in your back, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, so the risk is high in case of that it is reactivated in any of these areas, despite the fact that a lot of tissue has been removed, its situation is still complicated, said María Elena Sandoval, its doctor.

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María Elena Sandoval, granted an interview to a well-known medium to which she reported on the health status of the daughter of the renowned figure of the show, after her most recent intervention: “She still has polymers in her body”, and the purpose of the surgery was to withdraw them, “he communicated.

Apparently, even though “La Guzman“He has entered the operating room on several occasions, it has not yet been possible to remove all the harmful material found in some areas of his body.

An agglomeration of hard tissue that they placed on top of what is the hip above where that area of ​​the head of the femur is, where the titanium prosthesis is, the doctor described.

He also specified that the object has a measurement of 7-8 centimeters by 6, which represented an accumulation of the agglomerated polymer. What are the risks?

When one manipulates and removes that, simply because of the manipulation of the tissues, there is a certain aggression, therefore, a reaction arrives, he explained to Ventaneando.

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“Eternally beautiful beautiful?”

The cost that Alejandra Guzmán had to pay was high after the aesthetic process that was carried out in 2009. In order to increase the size of her buttocks, the famous singer would return to the hospital 6 months later with intense pain after the substance having it injected into him would be incarnated in his muscle, a situation that put his life at serious risk.

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After several years and several surgeries, the nightmare still haunts her since she recently had to postpone a virtual concert scheduled for next May 15, the “rocker” argued that there were new choreographies, however, it is that in the middle of the strong controversy that lives after the statements of his daughter, the truth is that he must also recover from this operation to return to his career.