This week, the social networks of The Boys released a deleted scene from their second season involving the unstoppable Billy Butcher. What happened to the character played by Karl Urban before reuniting with his team in the new installment of the series? Find out below!

You wonder what Butcher has been up to? Take a look at BUTCHER: A Short Film while they wait for the new episode tomorrow, « reads the tweet posted on the eve of the premiere of the fourth episode (now available on Prime Video) of the new season.

Throughout the first chapter of this second installment, a common question haunted the minds of all fans: where is Billy Butcher? The previous season closed with the leader of « The Boys » plunged into an unexpected and extremely dangerous situation. In addition to discovering that his wife Becca was still alive and had a child with the malevolent Homelander, Butcher was at the latter’s complete mercy. But despite such a risky position, we finally see him reunite with Hughie and company in the new season, very casually and even dressed in sportswear.

The deleted scene above doesn’t actually illustrate how he got out of Homelander’s clutches, but it does complement a sequence we appreciated in the second episode released last week: Butcher wakes up in a restaurant parking lot to find out he’s been framed for the murder of Madelyn Stillwell, vice president of Vought.

In five minutes, BUTCHER: A Short Film he tells us how the antihero subsequently manages to elude the police and reunite with a former army comrade who will hopefully help him locate his wife again.

On why the above scene with Billy Butcher ended up being cut from The Boys, the producer Eric Kripke declared the following (via):

«[El equipo de producción] originally he filmed something that revealed where he went and what his experiences were. But in the end it didn’t fit the episode so well because it made Butcher’s story a lot less mysterious and intriguing and slowed down the pace. « 

What do you think of that micro adventure of the fierce anti-superhero fighter? Would you have liked to see her on the show?

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