Dele Alli ‘makes Guardiola father-in-law’; He was caught kissing with María, Pep’s daughter

The Tottenham Hotspurs He was far from competing with the Manchester City in the current season of the England Premier League, staying out of the pending Pep Guardiola in his career for the title, at least within the field of play, because in the ‘extra-court world’, the Spaniard has a great ‘pending’ with the Spurs club and in particular with one of his footballers, Dele Alli, who was captured most affectionate with the daughter of the Citizens coach.

María, daughter of Pep Guardiola, was captured with Dele there in a London bar, a place where it could be seen that their relationship goes beyond friendship, because in some images published by The Sun newspaper, the couple seems to be kissing.

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According to the English tabloid, a source who was present at the bar where Maria and Dele visited, the couple did not mind being seen while they were kissing in front of the DJ booth.

“They didn’t care who saw them kissing in front of the DJ booth. It was packed with hundreds of revelers watching. All tables were reserved and fully booked. Strangers wandered past and Dele and Maria didn’t blink. “They were together in a group and it was very welcoming. They looked so cute and could have just been married ”, the source assured the English newspaper.

According to information from the English newspaper, Guardiola’s daughter has assured her closest friends that Dele is just a friend and they are beginning to get to know each other, since they have been dating for a month.

There has not had a good season this year with Spurs, since almost the entire campaign has been a substitute and so far he does not register goals.

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