Dele Alli and Pep Guardiola’s daughter were surprised in a love affair

What started as a friendship could end with more intensity. The daughter of Pep Guardiola and the footballer Dele there They were caught on the roof of a public place in London and The Sun newspaper published the image that shows them kissing.

The chance meeting ended in a passionate kiss without much importance on the people around them, they did not hide anything according to the newspaper: “They did not care who saw them while they kissed in front of the DJ booth.

Dele Alli, 25, is a Tottenham footballer, while María Guardiola, Pep’s daughter, is 20 years old. For now they are just friends, the girl would have confirmed to her friends about the meeting.

They were for a long time in a place of recreation with several people and with background music. It was not a special or romantic plan on the part of the Spurs midfielder, but it ended in that kiss reported by the English medium.

With this meeting, the separation of Alli and the model Ruby Mae, who is 23 years old, could be definitively confirmed. Mae would have been exhausted from Alli’s way of acting and her inveterate fondness for the game of Fortnite.

Will Pep Guardiola be Alli’s next father-in-law? There would be a lot of football in the family.

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