Time passes very fast. Very fast. When would you say that Juan Martín del Potro broke his kneecap in Shanghai? It was on October 14, 2018, an injury that he suffered at Queen’s 2019. An injury that does not end in a better life and that has made Del Potro a year without playing. An injury that appears to be about to enter the doctor’s field Roland Biedert.

You don’t have to imagine too much to think that at some point, more or less recently, Juan Martín del Potro sent a message to his good friend Roger Federer, or made him a call, and asked the Swiss for advice about his illness. “Hey Roger, I want to ask another expert about my kneecap problem.” The one in Tandil had already been operated on by Ángel Ruiz Cotorro and later he visited Lee Kaplan, a specialist doctor in Miami.

But things have not finished quite well, or at least not enough for Juan Martín to be able to return when tennis returns. And there are few experts in the world like the Swiss, based in Biel, Roland Biedert, a personal friend of Roger Federer for 20 years, and ‘author’ of the operations that Federer has had to perform on his knees since 2017.

When Roger won Basel in 2018, the press asked about Biedert, after seeing him in one of the boxes, with Roger clearing doubts about that visit and boasting of friendship with his compatriot. Although on that occasion he was only a friend, Biedert has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest experts in sports surgery related to patellofemoral pathologies, those that affect the kneecap, the part that fractured Del Potro .

Biedert, who has also worked with the Swiss Davis Cup team, has published various investigations on the affected area of ​​the Argentine, based on the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of the disorders and injuries that mainly affect it in sports. According to ‘La Nación’, Del Potro would be willing to consult the prestigious Swiss doctor and surgeon, who already operated on Federer and who could have that necessary bonus to allow Juan Martín to compete again with certain guarantees.