Deftones joins the gangs that are not intimidated by the quarantine and want to take advantage of it. Preparing for the twentieth anniversary of their famous album White Pony, they are inviting their fans to join a global listening party.

Despite the fact that the anniversary of their third studio album is next June 20 –the birthday of their vocalist Chino Moreno– The party is scheduled for this June 22.

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To listen to “Digital Bath” and “Elite”, a song that earned them a Grammy for Best Metal Performance, along with Chino, Stephen, Abe, Frank and Sergio, all you have to do is connect to their YouTube channel at a point of 8:00 pm Mexico City time. There the album will be reviewed and Deftones will tell unique stories about its creation.

With White pony, Deftones changed the game of alternative metal. From the hand of its producer Terry Date those from Sacramento, they became a unique band for their experimentation in including new waveshoegaze and post-rock sounds to metal for which they had already become known.

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As its 20 year anniversary approaches, we invite you to our #WhitePony global listening party – taking place Monday, June 22, on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to stay updated at (link in bio). # WhitePony20 | Art by @frankmaddocks

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This news comes after Deftones will also announce a new White Pony reissue with a remix of the LP called Black stallion, which includes a contribution from DJ Shadow.

Last month, Chino Moreno told Zane Lowe of Apple Music that Deftones originally always wanted DJ Shadow to direct the entire project for their reissue. In the end, the remix will feature contributions from a large number of artists who rework each track on the album. “We have a lot of different people,” said Moreno.

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In new music news, you also have to remember that Deftones’ long-awaited new album is finished and could be released in the coming months, as estimated the month of September according to drummer Abe Cunningham.

“We really did everything over the summer, last summer – June and July – we were in the studio filming,” Cunningham told Download TV. “But we actually just completed everything… We were recording in Los Angeles, but the mixes in Seattle ”.

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