It has been a few years since rumors began to be heard about the possible arrival of Rivals of Aether to the hybrid console of the Big N and since the players began to get their hopes up. While the first news we had this year was from January and confirmed that the game would finally arrive throughout the summer of this year 2020, it was later confirmed that it would arrive in September, and it seems that this time Dan Fornace, the creator of the game, has fulfilled what was promised, since a exact release date, Much closer than we might think!

Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop on September 24, 2020

After several comings and goings, Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition has confirmed its release on Nintendo Switch for the upcoming September 24, 2020, in digital format through the eShop. Thus, this edition will feature 12 original characters and some other guests such as Shovel Knight, Ori or Sein. However, this is not all, as it will also have a new combat mode (the Tetherball, which is like a sports mode) along with updates for the favorite modes of the players. In addition, the online connection has also been improved and now it will be possible to play with up to 3 friends (with 4 being the maximum number of players, so the 2-on-2 or all-on-all fights are introduced, along with the new versions online for Abyss Versus, Abyss Endless and Tetherball Finally, a new system has also been created that will allow you to unlock cosmetic items for characters.

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And you, knowing now the final date for Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch, will you get a digital copy?