With two days to go until the end of the NBA regular season, seven of the eight pairings of the first round of the playoffs were defined this Wednesday and it only remains to know who will face the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference.

The rival of LeBron James’ team will be decided this weekend in a direct elimination (called « play in ») between the franchises that finish eighth and ninth in the West.

Four teams (Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs) will fight in their last games on Thursday for access to « play in. »

The playoff qualifiers, which start on August 17, will be played in the best of seven games and the first team to score four wins will advance to the next phase.

The first round matches are as follows:


Milwaukee Bucks (1) – Orlando Magic (8)

Toronto Raptors (2) – Brooklyn Nets (7)

Boston Celtics (3) – Philadelphia 76ers (6)

Miami Heat (4) – Indiana Pacers (5)


LA Lakers (1) -?

LA Clippers (2) – Dallas Mavericks (7)

Denver Nuggets (3) – Utah Jazz (6)

Oklahoma City Thunder (4) – Houston Rockets (5)