One of the moments that has most divided DC fans was the performance of the vocalist of ’30 Seconds to Mars’ as the clown prince of crime, since not only did not a large part of the public like it, but many were erased of his sequences that were held for ‘Suicide Squad’, this is why now director David Ayer discussed the deleted scenes from Jared Leto’s Joker.

‘Suicide Squad’, just like ‘Justice League’, It was edited at the last minute by Warner Bros., In this case it was because a product similar to that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had to be made, this was a bad move, since in the end the film from Yesterday He got just 27% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes portal.

Among the various modifications that were made was to reduce Leto’s co-starring to a simple participation of just a few minutes, infuriating the same actor; now years later with the wave of requests to make a version of the director of ‘Suicide Squad’, Yesterday he has revealed several facts about his film, one of them is that the public could not see the complete performance of the Joker, because it was directly eliminated.

“Jared was pretty mistreated during this (editing). No one has seen his performance. It was ripped out of the movie,” the filmmaker replied to a comment on Twitter about whether the film had not been edited, how the entire performance of Leto might have been. .

It remains to be clarified that, although David Ayer spoke of the deleted scenes of the Joker, it is difficult for some fans to want to see Leto again in this role, since it was not only his interpretation, also his characterization and even the advertising campaign that made more than one insufferable.

Furthermore, the ‘Yesterday Cut’ continues to gain more strength after it is announced that the Zack Snyder’s Justice League will finally hit HBO Max in 2021, it is believed that with this version it could be a watershed in the film industry where filmmakers will be more respected.


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