Deezer launches a feature Spotify should have implemented eons ago

Deezer has just added offline mode to its Apple Watch app. Thus, premium users of the streaming music service will be able to transfer their favorite tracks and playlists to the watch and listen to them offline. Spotify, one of Deezer’s main competitors, does not yet offer a similar feature.

“Downloadable playlists give music fans the peace of mind of listening at all times and enjoying the comfort of Apple Watch from the wrist,” said Nicolas Pinoteau, Director of Collaboration Solutions at Deezer, in a blog post. .

If you are a music lover, you no longer have to do without it when, for example, you go out to do sports and leave your iPhone at home. Deezer explains that thanks to the new feature all you have to do is download the playlists or songs to your phone and then transfer them to the watch.

Deezer offline mode only for Apple Watch Series 6

Deezer indicates that to enjoy offline mode you need a paid subscription and an Apple Watch Series 6 with enough space. Precisely, the Apple Watch Series 6 has 32 GB of storage, although somewhat less is available due to the system files.

If you are not sure how much space you have available on your watch, you can check it from the iPhone. Enter the Apple Watch app, tap on general and then on Information. There you will find all the details so as not to be left with Deezer clues along the way.

The truth is that competition in the world of audio streaming is increasing and companies are looking to update their applications to retain and gain users. Deezer has recently enabled the app’s compatibility with the HomePod and the ability to control music through Siri.

Spotify, meanwhile, has released a function to stream music from Apple Watch, but without the possibility of downloading the tracks or playlists offline. This can be useful for playing music on a speaker or headphones when you are not near your phone, but it requires the watch to be connected to the Internet – via Wi-Fi or 4G.

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