Deep Time, the experiment that locked 15 people in a cave without light

After the voluntary confinement, many of the members of the expedition claim to have lost track of time, an especially relevant fact since it is one of the objectives of the investigation: understand the difference between perception of time and reality. “During certain events, our perception of time is altered: it can pass very quickly or very slowly, and this does not depend on reality or on every second that passes,” they explain on the web. “What happens then? How to find the sense of time? What are the connections between cognitive and biological time? And between perceived time and normative time, that of our clocks? ”.

In addition to this more basic knowledge, the researchers hope to be able to offer better conditions to submarine crews, miners, drilling machine operators or even future explorers of the Moon and Mars, who would also experience outages in a 24-hour day.

A useful experiment?

During the confinement, the scientists monitored data such as sleep patterns, body temperature or behavior of the participants, who have also undergone cognitive tests before and after entering the cave.

Some researchers outside the project are skeptical of it, since, for example, the absence of a control group with which to compare the data obtained can lead to biases.