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Deep Silver confirmed late last year that a new installment of Saints Row is already in development. The company has remained silent on the project, but many fans estimate that it is the next main installment, that is, a supposed Saints Row V.

The company has raised the hype of gamers, saying that exciting things are coming to the franchise. He also made it clear that the news will take a few months to be revealed.

So far we know that the project is in the hands of Volition, but recently supposed leaked details about Saints Row V came to light. We recommend that you do not get excited, as Deep Silver claims they are false.

They deny leaks about Saints Row V

Alex Q. Ryan, director of public relations for Deep Silver, reported that they are already aware of the alleged Saints Row V leaks circulating on the Internet. The study member claimed that the information is false.

What do the rumors say? That Saints Row V would continue the story of Saints Row: The Third and that it would feature a new protagonist who would face a group of old acquaintances.

Also, it was noted that there will be no superpowers and that the game will be set in a modern version of Stilwater. Leaks indicate that the title is playable and that several people have already had the opportunity to try it.

The problem is that all the information comes from a supposed anonymous leaker of 4Chan, so nothing is confirmed and it could be false data. For this reason, Ryan advised players not to believe the details.

Lastly, the Deep Silver member stated that they are eager to share more about the future of the franchise. Despite this, the public relations director stated that for now they have no announcements to make. Thus, there is no more than waiting for official information.

The last releases in the series were Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV for Nintendo Switch. Look for more news about the franchise in this link.