Deep Nostalgia AI now encourages old photo people to dance, kiss, wink, sigh and more

A month ago MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia became an Internet phenomenon for the impressive videos it offered when animating old photographs. The tool has now evolved and what were once simple videos posing for the camera are now videos with winks, kisses, dances and more animations.

According to MyHeritage, in these first weeks of use, Deep Nostalgia artificial intelligence has animated more than 72 million photos. Now the company has decided to increase and double the number of animations that can be chosen for the photography that we animate. The first ten animations were randomly chosen by the AI, now there are ten more specific that can be chosen:

Smile Dance 1 Dance 2 Kiss Appreciation Kiss and wink Eyebrows Approval Look to the side Compassion

Appealing to nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia has given many the opportunity to create exciting moments of nostalgia by animating old photographs of ancestors. In this way the photographs appear to come to life and offer a stronger link between the viewer and the photograph itself. The service works a deep learning algorithm created by D-ID.

As we already saw, the requirement to use Deep Nostalgia is to sign up for a free account on MyHeritage. Through that we can animate a total of five photos for free, after which a subscription will have to be paid to animate more images. The free service allows you to choose between the old animations and the ten new ones introduced by MyHeritage in recent days. The animated photographs are created from the official website of the tool.

What Deep Nostalgia does is use deep learning to animate photos and thus appeal to the nostalgia of the viewer. They are not the first to do so and while this has often been used to create fakes, it can also be used to create advertisements like the one for Cruzcampo or in the film industry.

Via | MyHeritage Blog