Deep blue, Ninel Conde shows off her curves in a beach outfit

Deep blue, Ninel Conde shows her curves in a beach outfit (INSTAGRAM)

Deep blue, Ninel Conde shows off her curves in a beach outfit | INSTAGRAM

The famous singer, actress and vedette, Ninel Conde, has shown that she has one of the most excellent curves in a navy blue beach suit that made her look fantastic and very young, she has an incredible beauty.

His swimsuit consists of two pieces and is one color Navy blue deep who made a very nice contrast with her tanned skin, as we know she is one of the most beautiful and beautiful Mexican television women that have appeared on our television screens, whether singing, acting or screwing up a bit with one of her comments that have caused much controversy several times already.

With these types of photos, Ninel Conde has also conquered social networks, being well known for how well she looks beach suitsToday alone managed to gather more than 70 thousand likes and thousands of comments where they do it and they write very creative compliments seeking to get their attention.

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In the snapshot we can see the beautiful Ninel posing on a very elegant terrace that has lounge chairs, beds and even a small table with chairs to appreciate that beautiful background that is seen behind, the ocean, which combines perfectly with the blue tone of her swimsuit.

Throughout Ninel Conde’s career she has been involved in several scandals and some of the most redeemable have been against Niurka Marcos, who is widely known as the scandal woman, who also assures that Ninel “is not a star.”


Another of Ninel’s funniest scenes was the occasion when she talked about a surimi, that being the way she called a tsunami, which caused hundreds of Internet users to have a lot of fun and create a lot of memes and entertainment about it .

However, this time the beautiful singer focused on expressing her way of thinking by writing the following: “Many people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want ”, assuring with this phrase that we simply must encourage ourselves to say what we want and do something to get it.

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Recently Ninel Conde married her boyfriend Larry Ramos, their marriage was extremely critical, receiving quite aggressive messages and comments, despite this the singer cared very little about the opinion of others and so far, it is known that both are extremely happy.

Something that makes Ninel a little sad is that her play had to be suspended momentarily, where she participated alongside Ariel Miramontes as “Albertano, all due to the pandemic, something that made her stop doing what she loved most. He likes it, although it gave him more time to enjoy his honeymoon.

Ninel Conde has managed to have more than 4.6 million followers, spoiling them all and palticating them a little more about her personal life, in which she is currently facing her ex-partner in a trial.

The legal process between the couple for the custody of their son Emmanuel has taken a 180 degree turn, thanks to the fact that the famous woman filed a complaint for family violence against her ex and unleashed a wave of comments on social networks, the media of communication and also in the courts, we will have to see what happens with these news that were also shared by Ninel in her stories.