decreased by 59,149 people in March

A store closes in Valencia due to the restriction of hours. (Photo: Europa Press via Getty)

According to data published this Tuesday by the Ministry of Labor, which also highlighted that it is the third best data in the historical series for the month of March.

Labor has attributed this cut in unemployment to lower restrictions on economic activity due to the overcoming of the third wave of the pandemic. In March 2020, just when the covid appeared in the world, unemployment rose by 302,365 people, five times more than in March of this year.

With this setback that puts an end to five consecutive months of increases, the total volume of unemployed reached at the end of the third month of the year the figure of 3,949,640 unemployed, thus falling below the level of 4 million after that in February it was overcome for the first time since April 2016.

The unemployment data for March, as occurred in previous months, does not include workers who are on suspension of employment or reduced hours as a result of a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), since the definition of registered unemployment does not count them as unemployed.

In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment fell in March by 31,277 people, while in the last year unemployment accumulated an increase of 401,328 people, which is 11.3% more.

Thus, it has increased in agriculture, with 2,368 more unemployed (+ 1.2%), and in the group without previous employment, where it increased by 3,529 people (+ 1%), and fell in the rest, especially in services, with 53,686 p …

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