Declare your love, Aislinn Derbez still not over Mauricio Ochmann?

Declare your love, Is Aislinn Derbez still not over Mauricio Ochmann? (INSTAGRAM)

Declare your love, Aislinn Derbez still not over Mauricio Ochmann? | INSTAGRAM

Apparently the love story between the producer Mauricio Ochmann and the beautiful actress Aislinn Derbez, or at least everything seems to indicate that this has not come to an end, at least that is how the actress showed it in her social networks, where she recently released a phrase that put all her followers to start doing strong speculation.

And it is that although it is rumored that she has already opened the doors of her heart to another person, coupled with the fact that Aislinn and Mauricio are in the process of divorce, the member of the Derbez dynasty did not forget to congratulate her still husband for his birthday, and he did it with a phrase that left thousands talking about it.

The publication was made through their stories of Instagram, where, with a funny video clip, Aislinn and her little girl wished Mauricio Ochmann a happy birthday in a very funny way, under the description “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY @mauochmann you won’t have a cooler happy birthday than this … We love you! “.

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Which is why, quickly, social networks burst regarding speculation about a possible reconciliation between the couple who are in the process of legal separation, or some others have thought that Aislinn openly declared that she still feels love for Mauricio and others.

It should be remembered that it was at the end of October last year, when it was announced that the actress responded to the legal process of her separation, since, in June of that same year, it was learned that Ochmann had filed the lawsuit. of divorce before a court in Los Angeles and cited as the separation date December 10, 2019, although they announced it until March 2020.

However, this was not an impediment for Eugenio Derbez’s daughter to congratulate Ochmann for celebrating another year of life, which made some hope that between them there would be an opportunity to return or reconcile, although both actors have said that they are very good friends, despite their marital differences, which by the way have entertained many users for weeks.

And it is that, in reality, we do not know what exactly happened with the couple, because in social networks they showed love every time they had the opportunity, even the Internet users themselves had the aforementioned couple as an ideal of romantic relationships .

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But, apparently the problems came after they all returned from the trip where they filmed their reality show, where many of us were able to realize that there were many differences between them, either in ways of raising Kailani, or simple misunderstandings and differences of opinions. , in addition to the strong temperament that Aislinn showed before the cameras.

From there we were able to get a little closer to their true relationship, we had a slightly more real look, and we could honestly realize that they indeed had many differences, but we did not believe that they were so much or so serious, to such a degree that they ended in a relationship of failed marriage.

What matters is that, even separated, both have been very respectful for each other and complying with their paternity, in addition to the fact that, although, in the same way, both parties have recently been related to other people, presumably their new partners, both Aislinn and Mauricio continue to share time together because, there is their little two-year-old daughter, Kailani, in the middle, which is why they try to have the best possible relationship.

In addition, as they themselves mentioned at the time of their separation, “Making the decision to modify dynamics from the deep requires a lot of courage, especially when there is such immense love between us. The most common thing is to stretch the rope until it breaks. . And when that happens, things break that become irreparable. We will never allow ourselves to get there. That is why we decided for some time to strengthen the friendship relationship and stop the couple relationship. Resume individuality to investigate what is happening, give space to heal, rebuild, transform. ”

It is more than clear that, although affection, respect and love are not together, they are still intact, for this reason Aislinn had no problem mentioning to Mauricio how much she and her little girl love him.