Jacqueline Sauvage passed away on July 23, 2020 at the age of 72. The sad news was first announced by his family to La République du Center, before one of his daughters and one of his lawyers indicated that his funeral took place on Tuesday, July 28. Jacqueline Sauvage passed away at her home in La Selle-sur-le-Bied (Loiret), a town of a thousand inhabitants where she killed her husband, Norbert Marot, in September 2012.

Beaten for many years – forty-seven … – this mother of a family aged 65 at the time of the facts killed her husband with gunshots. A day that she had told in February 2017, in the show Sept à Huit, on TF1. “He had started drinking in the morning at 11 am. That day, it was not going, it was a Monday, he had threatened me,” she recalled. “He came into the room, smashed the door, dragged me, threw me into the hallway and hit me again with a bang,” she continued. And then one sentence too many had pushed her to commit the irreparable: “He said to me: ‘I am going to die your children, your bastards, die you too.’ He threw me a big punch in face. It made me like a spark, I was bleeding. ” It was then that Jacqueline Sauvage went to get her weapon and shot her husband three times, before calling for help. And as if this drama were not enough, Jacqueline Sauvage lost her son at the same time: a few hours before, Pascal had committed suicide, no longer supporting the atmosphere that his father made reign.

In 2014 then in 2015 on appeal, Jacqueline Sauvage was sentenced to ten years in prison for this murder. A minimum sentence for this type of crime that the Attorney General had called for. Imprisoned, Jacqueline Sauvage benefited from a strong mobilization. In January 2016, François Hollande, then President of the Republic, granted him a partial pardon allowing him an early release from prison when his sentence provided for an irreducible safety period of 5 years. François Hollande ended up granting him a total pardon in December of the same year.

The story of Jacqueline Sauvage was brought to the small screen, with the TV movie Jacqueline Sauvage: it was him or me broadcast by TF1 in October 2018. Muriel Robin played Jacqueline Sauvage.