He was one of the great figures of feminism in France. Gisèle Halimi, a lawyer committed to women’s rights, died at the age of 93 on Tuesday July 28, 2020. After 70 years of fighting to defend and defend herself, Gisèle Halimi whose real name is Zeiza Gisèle Élise Taïeb returned the weapons. She joined in heaven, the one who was her last husband in the last years of her life, Claude Faux. This man, who died in 2017, will first be her friend and her client before becoming her husband some time later, in 1961. With him she will have had her third son, Emmanuel Faux, but never a daughter.

Claude Faux, feminism at heart

The one who founded the Choosing the Cause of Women movement alongside Simone de Beauvoir in 1971 said of her last husband that he was one of the greatest feminists she knew “with Jean-Paul Sartre”: ” Living with a man, when you are determined to exist with your dignity as a woman and to fight for that of others, the choice is very limited, ”she explained to Liberation in 2002. Claude Faux will also be a lawyer and secretary of this French philosopher who died in 1980. Subsequently, he will become a more than indispensable support for Gisèle Halimi and will get involved in all the fights led by the feminist movement Choose the cause of women. Throughout his life, Claude Faux devoted his time and energy to the cause of women.

When she died in 2017, Gisèle Halimi will experience a terrible loss: “I lost it two years ago and I realize every day how irremediable it is […] We were so good together. He was a lawyer, but above all a poet, “she revealed to our colleagues from around the world in 2019. Hand in hand, Claude Faux and Gisèle Halimi worked together on fundamental subjects which subsequently contributed to building the French political landscape Between advice and ideas, Claude Faux, in the shadow of his wife, will be more than a solid right arm, a major ally.

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