Black year for Nicolas Bedos. On June 28, 2020, the actor and director announced the death of his father Guy Bedos. The 85-year-old father of Nicolas and Victoria Bedos succumbed to a long illness. “He was handsome, he was funny, he was free and courageous. How proud I am to have had you for a father. Kiss Desproges and Dabadie, since you are all in Heaven”, then shared Nicolas Bedos on Instagram to return homage to the great artist. Two months later, on July 28, 2020, Doria Tillier’s ex is again in mourning. Her godmother Gisèle Halimi, a great lawyer and feminist figure, died at the age of 93, the day after her birthday. “She died in serenity, in Paris“Said Emmanuel Faux, one of his three sons. Gisèle Halimi had notably defended Marie-Claire Chevalier, a young underage woman tried for having aborted after a rape. The resounding trial in 1972 had preceded the legalization of abortion in 1975.

“This year is from the devil”

Tuesday July 28, Nicolas Bedos shared a sober black and white photo of Gisèle Halimi accompanied bya text both tender and desperate, imbued with love and admiration : “My adored godmother. What a life yours! Women owe you so much! Society owes you a lot and I owe you too much. Our Wednesdays taught me everything. I was so lucky. This year is from the devil, I hate her as I love you. We will reread you with respect. Paradise is sold out.

In the comments, Nicolas Bedos’ subscribers have given him their support in these harshest trials: “Oh no !! My condolences Nicolas … I dare not imagine your pain this year …”, “What a horrible year, courage !!! “,” It’s true that in Heaven, it must be full! “,” I immediately thought of you … Yes, at the moment, the grim reaper is going so fast. I loved this woman so much. “

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