On the evening of Wednesday September 9, 2020, Bertrand-Kamal died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 30. The adventurer of Koh-Lanta will nevertheless be remembered, especially thanks to the broadcast of his season of 4 Lands still currently broadcast on TF1. The production has also planned to salute his memory on the sidelines of the new episode this Friday September 11 from 9 p.m. It is Denis Brogniart who assured it himself in the program Culture Médias, on Europe 1.

We do a little preamble in which I try to describe him in a few minutes, to talk about him. To tell him especially that we are dedicating this program to him, that we will not forget him, that I will not forget him “, explained the presenter. No question of interrupting this edition of Koh-Lanta. , knowing he was close to the end, Bertrand-Kamal would not have wanted that, as he had been able to specify to Denis Brogniart before his death.

A long battle against the disease

As a reminder, it was on his return from filming, last January, that Bertrand-Kamal learned that he was ill after having felt first stomach pains. In Le Parisien, his relatives say that, once he was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, he agreed to follow all possible treatments. “Operations, chemo … he did everything to beat the disease. He was so optimistic that we thought everything would be fine. “

Unfortunately, it will have been different for the one who has been described as a “unifying” and “emeritus” adventurer. He leaves behind a bereaved family as well as his friends, including his teammates from Koh-Lanta. Many have paid tribute to him on social networks since the announcement of his disappearance. Whether they are candidates of his edition or even old ones that he will never have had the opportunity to meet. There is no doubt that the rest of the competition this fall will in any case have a very special flavor for all …